Monday, March 5, 2007

Diaper Duty...In Style!

I think I can safely say, diaper duty is not pleasant. In fact, it can be down right stinky! Before becoming a mom, you may have changed a diaper or ten but as a new mom, you will change 10 in a day! To easy the unpleasantness of the chore In Style Moms has compiled several essentials to help with clean up!

Clean up in style with a designer wipes case! Select from vintage style fabrics or an array of fun patterns that make clean up a little more stylish! After all, In Style Moms do everything with style!

When you are out and about just where do you put that soiled diaper?? In a Wet Bag by MiniMe BabyGear, of course! The outer layer is a sturdy cotton offered in several designs, while the inner layer is a Polyurethane Laminate called Baby Dry. The Wet Bag is great for keeping soiled diapers separate from the rest of your bag contents! It can also be used for wet clothes, swim suits or leaky bottles.

Finally, Room Refresh Spray is an essential for all nurseries! It keeps diaper smells where they belong, in the pail! Room Refresh by Barcelona Bath and Body is offered in 5 sophisticated scents and will keep your home smelling fresh!